5 Tips To Create The Perfect Home For Christmas Entertaining


Expand the exterior setting

snip20161012_13Create an outdoor living space that caters for your family and friends during the Christmas period. Warm nights and late sunsets calls for outdoor entertainment, consider installing Brio Retrofit Screens with Weatherfold 4s. This innovative design is practical and efficient to use, for installations the team at Hilight Bendigo can assess your home and decide the most suitable option for you.





 Add additional arm chairs for guests


Hosting visitors requires additional seating around the dining table and in your living area. Arm Chairs are a stylish, versatile option that can be added to both areas.  Available in a variety of patterns, colours and sizes at Make Your House A Home and Oz Design Furniture.




Create a bold highlight in your bathroom with glamorous tapware and accessoriessnip20161012_4

 Your bathroom will shine with Milli, a fashionable brand available at Reece Bathrooms. Guests will be captivated by the beauty and design of Milli. The products range from robe hooks, towel rails, tapware, wall mounted mirrors, shelving and soap dispensers.





Achieve sleek minimalism with motorised roller blinds

snip20161012_11Roller blinds are convenient in many ways; they are effective for blocking out afternoon sun, virtually disappear when they are lifted up and can be motorised for efficiency. A quick and easy installation of roller blinds from the team at Bendigo Curtains will improve the look of your home.



Make a style statement with a seasonal feature wall

snip20161012_12A fresh coat of red paint incorporates the spirit of Christmas into your home without going overboard. Feature walls are an easy addition and can be achieved without interrupting the daily routine of your family. The ‘Experience’ Volume 5 palette from Haymes includes bright colours, adding vibrancy to your space and ultimately heightening the mood of guests.



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