5 Ways To Re-inspire Your Kitchen

If you are looking for inspiration for a remodel, here are just 5 simple alterations that can modernise your kitchen area.

Replace Splashback

“Create a welcoming space by introducing a warm, grey tone, like Haymes Memory” -Wendy Rennie, colour expert for Haymes Paint.

Adding a fresh coat of paint is the first step to creating a trendy and stylish kitchen. Select a warm tone for the splash back of the kitchen; this is perfect for the cooler months and can serve as a feature wall for pieces to be added.


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Image credit: Haymes Paint


Mirror a Modern Look

Interior designers often use mirrors to visually expand a small space giving a voluminous feel or to reflect other rooms opening up the space quite nicely. Simple or oversized circle and shaped mirrors on the splash back of the kitchen, adds size and height to the room. For a unique approach use a row of three circular or shaped mirrors.



Image credit: Make Your House A Home


Change The Lighting 

A carefully thought out lighting plan collective with impeccable design can be your kitchen’s finest asset. To spruce up the kitchen area, a combination of lighting or a single statement light are great options. For a high ceiling home a modern chandelier will transform the newly designed space. However for a home with low ceilings, recessed lighting will provide soft but generous lighting without taking up too much space.



Image credit: Shaynna’s World Of Design

Discover Contemporary Tapware

“Solid, striking and elegant, tap ware is like jewellery in a room. Skimp and it feels cheap, but invest and it says luxury” Melissa Webster, Creative director at The Gather Collective via Domain.

It is surprisingly easy to replace old tapware with new. Choose from a dateless colour finish like chrome or brass gold in a contemporary design.



Image credit: Reece


Rethink Window Treatments

“Putting up a new blind or curtain can be a great start to adding or changing the style of a room”-Shaynna Blaze, interior designer via Homelife.

For a warm and stylish feel, add shutters or venetians. These are a light and inexpensive treatment that are perfect for cold and clammy environments.


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Image credit: HiLight and Bendigo Curtains






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