The Latest Innovative Products In Bathroom Design

Slender oak basins, stylish wall hung pans, modernistic cisterns are just some of the latest arrivals at Reece Bathrooms.


A cistern or button that is concealed into the wall is a top trend in bathroom design,
the latest buttons and cisterns from Swiss brand Geberit come in different shapes and sizes
to suit different bathroom styles.






View the range of cisterns and buttons here

Laufen Palace

Innovative Wall Hung and Back to Wall Pans are a classic design for the future of bathrooms.
These pans are compact which allows for more furniture space andthey are easier to clean with less room for dust accretion.








View the range of Laufen Palace wall hung and back to wall pans here

Roca Dama-N

Roca has been a world leader in bathroom design for over 90 years.
The latest pan designs possess clean lines and soft edges. The Dama-N pans are a ultramodern option,
that will look visually appealing in any bathroom.









 View the range of Roca Dama-N wall hung and back to wall pans here

ISSY Glide

ISSY vanity units are created with state of the art materials,
they hold the perfect amount of storage with striking finishes.
The AmericanOak is the latest in the ISSY Glide range and can be custom made to your desired length.








View the full ISSY Glide vanity range here

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