Making Your House Warm And Cozy This Winter


A rug is the perfect way to add texture and depth to the room. Choose from deep colours to change the mood of your home, rusty red and soft browns add warmth during the cooler months. Aside from being a design element, floor rugs have a practical element from adding heat to your home, to reducing noise.



Argentina Desert from $479

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Blush Rug from $1,199.00


That cozy feeling that we love comes from being comfortable in your lounge setting. Invest in a fabric suite that provides you with both support and luxury. Select from a sofa or lounge suite that includes a double chaise or ottoman to ensure your feet to stay off the cold floor during winter.

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Mercury $2399

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Clooney Sofa $5,272.00



Create a living space in your home that is warm and inviting for guests or as a chill out zone; design the space using soft textures, warm colours and mood lighting to produce a relaxing environment. Drop lights are a great focal point for an open living area, these lights can be balanced beside other lights or used singularly in smaller rooms.


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Shaynna Blaze Decanter Pendant $349


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Ambrose $209



Foot rests never go out of style, especially one that can be multi-functional. Adding an ottoman gives options of versatile seating to a living space, for the chillier months when dinner parties are hosted indoors. Some even serve as the focal point of the room ranging in different sizes, fabrics and colours to suit the season. There are many on-trend ottomans, available in different price ranges, and designs to suit your home.

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Coco $849

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Loaf Ottoman $1,199.00



It is time to dig out the throw rugs; these are trends that always make their way back in winter. Throws are an easy styling element, whether they are neatly placed on a lounge suite or draped over the arm of a chair. When the temperature drops a woolen rug never fails. Pair a rug with cushions to match, combining throw rugs and cushions make the living area appear cozy and comfortable.


Mongolian Lambswool Rug $199


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Landscap $109.95


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