Sustainable Design In Your Home

Sustainable Design In Your Home

You don’t have to compromise on design or style when opting for an environmentally conscious home.

1. Keep The Warmth In With Curtains


Photo: Bendigo Curtains

Adding quality, heavy curtains to your home stops heat from escaping through your windows. This effectively reduces the amount of time you need to leave your heater on, creating a warm and cosy home. Our tip: Explore prints and patterns to add extra brightness to your room this Winter.

“Curtains offer a softening influence and amplify a sense of warmth and atmosphere within your home. As we all become more conscious of energy efficiency; curtains are a timeless solution that offer insulation value second to none..” – Sarah Lewein – Manager of Bendigo Curtains

2. Beautiful Bathroom, Beautiful Environment


Photo: Reece

Reece have made it possible to have a beautiful bathroom whilst also looking after the environment. Their innovative technology means you don’t need to ‘compromise on style, quality or individuality to care for the environment’ – Reece (Sustainable Bathroom Guide).

 Consider updating your tap ware, shower or toilet system to ensure your not only saving thousands of litres of water on bills – but also to create a modern look for your bathroom.

3. Recycled Decor


Photo: Make Your House A Home

Make Your House a Home Australia are a stockist of dBodhi, who create beautiful furnishings and decor made with recycled materials. Not only are these pieces a great environmental choice  – but their modern design looks stunning in homes. The dBodhi range includes multiple collections with dining tables, bookshelves, side tables, console and coffee tables, dressers, desks and much more. 

“The dBodhi concept is all about using resources in the most efficient way. When recycling timber they use even the smallest off-cuts most would just discard. What looks like useless scrap wood is taken from old disused houses, bridges and railroads and transformed into beautiful furnishings and decor for your home.” – dBodhi

4. Paint The Right Way

Photo: PaintRight

There’s no need to worry about fumes or odours with Haymes Interior Expressions range. Achieving richer, truer colours the range has incredible coverage but with all the great environmental benefits. The range is 99% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, making it a suitable choice for the environment and your family. This formulation means no harmful fumes or odours and allows you to move back in right after painting! The Haymes Interior Expressions range is available at PaintRight Bendigo.

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