We’re all dark and moody this Winter

Winter’s here – and it’s time to go bold. From the bathroom to the bedroom, dark and moody features are taking the design world by storm and we’re loving it.

You might be thinking this is great for Winter… but how do I maintain this look year-round? We consulted our Design Precinct members for the best tips to keep a beautiful dark colour palette through every season.

1. Balance is key. It’s important with dark and moody colours to reflect on the overall space so the look doesn’t become overbearing. If you’ve opted for dark walls – make sure you talk to the colour experts at Haymes PaintRight Bendigo. It’s also crucial to get your lighting right! This might involve adding additional lighting or even changing your window furnishing to increase the natural light into your home. Our favourites are sheer curtains and plantation shutters from Hi-Light & Bendigo Curtains.

2. Simple touches. There are small and cost-effective ways to embrace this trend in your home. Pair dark colours with candles, heavy textured throws and soft fluffy towels. We guarantee you’ll feel so cosy that you won’t want to leave the room! When spring arrives, introduce a new colour to the mix with patterned cushions, linen or even a new rug. Not only will this transform a dark and moody space – but it’s a great way to refresh and reinvigorate your space for the new season. Make Your House A Home have a great range of home decor, from ethically sourced rugs to their housemade custom cushions.

3. Embrace the change. If you’ve decided to join us in the dark side – be prepared to feel a little out of your comfort zone. Many of us are used to working with white walls or neutral palettes, so it can take a minute to adjust to dark interiors. Consider starting small with a feature wall or black tap fittings from Reece Bathrooms. Be brave and have fun decorating and designing the space.

4. Make it your own. Don’t forget to keep the touches of you within the space. Whether it’s family photos, a trinket from your time in Rome, or the hand-made pottery vase by your child.

Overall, we love dark and moody décor at the Design Precinct Bendigo because they invite intimacy and cosiness into the space – regardless of the time of year.

Our advice: be bold, experiment and roam free with dark interiors.

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